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Weddings and my second shooter days

All my friends heard me say once or twice that I don't photograph weddings... Okay! I will be 100% honest. I've said many times : I Hate Weddings :)) Guess what I am now?!? A wedding photographer, booking weddings for 2019 if anyone is interested. I always loved...

Ela Pop Photography

Ela Pop Photography

Ela Pop Photography came to life in 2011 but before that I always had a camera and I always took pictures.  The idea that I can freeze a moment fascinated me since I was very young. There aren't many pictures of me out there from when I was little but there is one...

Trip to China 2013

A hairdresser does not get her hair done every day, the message therapist rarely gets a message and the photographer doesn't have her picture taken and does not have time to post pictures from her vacation. After only 5 months I managed to go thru the pictures I took...

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