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Wedding Collection


Each bride and groom are different so no wedding is the same.

You can choose a pre-made package for your wedding or create your own package with hourly a la carte coverage and additional items form the add-ons list.

If you like what you see use the contact form bellow or give a call or text or email and we can talk about your big day, the weather, meet for a coffee or lunch and make sure your wedding day will be exactly what you've dreamed of.

Do you want to cross off one more thing from your wedding to do list?

Portrait Session

Each person is different and has different needs so I don’t have pre made collections each client can create their own.

Create your own collection:

1. Choose and art product
-art products start at $250
2. Add digital files
– start at $199
3.Add gift prints (optional )

A la carte:
-10 digital files $299
-All digital files $499 

Ready do book your portrait session and update your walls?


Ela Pop Photography

Ela Pop Photography came to life in 2011 but before that I always had a camera and I always took pictures.  The idea that I can freeze a moment fascinated me since I was very young. There aren't many pictures of me out there from when I was little but there is one...

Weddings and my second shooter days

All my friends heard me say once or twice that I don't photograph weddings... Okay! I will be 100% honest. I've said many times : I Hate Weddings :)) Guess what I am now?!? A wedding photographer, booking weddings for 2019 if anyone is interested. I always loved...


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