What I want vs What I need !

You just got engaged! Congrats!!!

Illinois Wedding Photography

You now have to plan your wedding and that means you have lots of decisions to make.

  1. Decide your budget.
  2. Choose a date (but please remember you don’t have a date until you have a venue)
  3. Choose a venue and if you are getting married in the church make sure the date is available for both.
  4. Book your preferred vendors.
  5. Buy your wedding dress
  6. Choose your bridal party

How to decide who your preferred vendors are? That is actually easy. What is important to you? Is photography important? Or an amazing video highlight or maybe you want to have beautiful centerpieces and flowers. That is how you decide who your preferred vendors are and you book them first.

When you book a vendor, photographer, videographer, florist make sure you meet with them in person and if you are not close set aside time for a zoom meeting. They play a very important role on your day and you have to trust them. Meeting in person or having a zoom meeting is the best way to start your relationship with them

If pictures are very important, you are going to book your photographer first! You now have to decide on a wedding package or create your own based on what you need or want for your day.

How to decide which package you need? What I want vs what I need!

  1. Do you want to have the entire day documented or only the key moments?
  2. Do you want to have a second shooter that day?
  3. Do you want piece of mind and lightly document the day?
  4. Do you have a big wedding and a large family and want a lot of candids ?

Full day coverage means the photographer is there from when you start getting your make-up on until your send-off documenting all moments.

If you feel all day might be to much you can go with 8 or 6 hours or book a photographer for as many hours you feel are necessary.

Some things to consider when deciding if you need to have second shooter for your wedding:

  1. Are you and your significant other getting ready at the same place?
  2. Are you getting ready at different locations and want both documented?
  3. Do you want different angles during the ceremony and reception?

And lastly how important is the wedding album? Do you want to have a one of a kind album that is designed for you? Do you prefer to have a smaller album that is designed by the photographer?
Have you thought about what to do with your wedding images after the wedding?
When deciding on which wedding package to choose think about all that but remember you shouldn’t feel pressured to make a decision and you should trust your photographer.

Illinois Wedding Photography

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