Hi I am Ela! I am a wife, mommy, daughter and photographer who specializes in capturing photos of happy couples and newborns!

I should start with a little bit about myself. I was born and raised in Romania, so I speak with a bit funny accent. I’m fluent in three languages, so beware, I might switch mid conversation to confuse you (just kidding, I only do it when I am nervous)!


I love Mexican food. I could live on tacos and tacos…also bacon, fries, and chocolate cake mhmmm. I know! I like only healthy food 😀


I love to read but don’t have time; I drink my coffee black. I can watch any movie except horror and the ones where the dog dies.


I love to snuggle my daughter and dog. You can catch us co-sleeping, and I LOVE IT. There’s nothing more special to me than my family. I redecorated the entire house just for my sweet baby girl. Just so we are clear, I don’t spoil my daughter or my dog, but I do give them all the love in the world!


I started taking pictures when I was very young. I had never considered doing it full time until my husband suggested it and bought me my first ‘professional camera’.


I choose to photograph new beginnings: weddings and newborns. A wedding is the beginning of a new family – a new start. Newborns are a blank book with empty pages. They get to write their stories page by page, milestone after milestone. When I do a newborn session I can’t help but wonder who they will become, how will they change the world one day? I capture their little, perfect face and beautiful eyes in a photo because I am fascinated by all they could become.


I take pictures of new beginnings, and I create lasting memories!




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