Digital Files vs Wedding Album

Digital files vs Wedding Album.You shouldn’t have to choose. You should have both 🙂I am going to tell you why your album is the most important thing you should get. Albums give you the opportunity to show off all your favorites in one place instead of just a few select images on the wall. This […]


What the heck do I wear?!? –

OOOO! You have an engagement session soon? I know that the biggest stress for my couples is usually “WHAT THE HECK DO I WEAR?” so I wanted to give a few tips from experience of how to pick the perfect engagement outfit.So here’s 10 tips:1 . Think about your feet! You are going to be […]


2018 was great, 2018 was full, 2018 was busy, 2018 is almost over …

Weddings and my second shooter days

All my friends heard me say once or twice that I don’t photograph weddings… Okay! I will be 100% honest. I’ve said many times : I Hate Weddings :)) Guess what I am now?!? A wedding photographer, booking weddings for 2019 if anyone is interested. I always loved newborn photography but in my early days […]

Ela Pop Photography

Ela Pop Photography came to life in 2011 but before that I always had a camera and I always took pictures.  The idea that I can freeze a moment fascinated me since I was very young. There aren’t many pictures of me out there from when I was little but there is one that speaks […]

Amber & Cesar – The Pavilion at Orchard Ridge, Rockton

This summer my family and I went back home, to Romania. I was gone for 5 weeks visiting family, on the road with a toddler… I am not gonna lie, it was amazing… but also exhausting. When ellAdele Photography reached out and asked if I can second shoot for her the week after I came […]

Trip to China 2013

A hairdresser does not get her hair done every day, the message therapist rarely gets a message and the photographer doesn’t have her picture taken and does not have time to post pictures from her vacation. After only 5 months I managed to go thru the pictures I took during my trip to China. I […]