Wedding days go by FAST and as a wedding photographer, I know how important preserving memories is. And while you’ll have hundreds of beautiful images to remember your day by, I also want to ensure couples savor the moments as they’re happening. It doesn’t need to be a total blur!

1. Be comfortable.
a. Talk about comfort of dress, shoes, etc. Nothing worse than having sore feet for your photos! Consider breaking your shoes in before your wedding day, and have an alternate option for portraits if you really start to get uncomfortable (a practical option!)

2. Stop and smell the roses (literally)
a. One of my favorite things on a wedding day is giving people the time (and permission) to stop and SAVOR the moments happening right before their eyes. I love it when an officiant pauses during the ceremony to tell the couple to look around at all the love surrounding them, and the rest of the day should be no different. Smell your flowers. Have a private moment to pray together or cherish the time with your new (or soon to be) spouse. Be present.

3. Trust your vendors.
a. There’s nothing worse than fretting over every little detail going right on your wedding day. The way to fix this is to fully trust your vendors. You hopefully have full trust in everyone you hired for your big day, so believe that they’re going to do their job well and according to plan, and leave the details to them. They’ve got this!

4. Get sleep + eat
a. When I don’t sleep enough (or eat healthy) I have such a hard time focusing, and I think that’s pretty common amongst humans! So as tempting as it is to stay up with your besties all night anticipating the big day, or to forgo eating to look your best, DON’T DO IT! Make sure you get enough sleep (8 hours would be stellar) and eat a healthy breakfast in the morning! Have some food delivered to your prep location.

5. Don’t have your phone on you
a. Let your photographer/ wedding planner and your friends and family document the day for you. Ditch your phone and give it to a friend to be in charge of for the day, and give your vendors the phone number of your Maid of Honor if they need to get a hold of you.

6. Start early
a. There is nothing worse than feeling behind on your timeline! You spend all day stressing and trying to make up time, so to avoid this, start early! Best to be done and sipping champagne and hanging out than stressing about getting back on time.

7. Have an emergency kit
a. Things happen. Dresses get a stain, your hair faces humidity, lipstick wears off, threads get pulled. Have a bridal emergency kit on you to make sure all these things can be fixed quickly when they happen! Some examples: clear nail polish, stain treater, dental floss, double sided tape, bobby pins, safety pins, mints, a sewing kit with needle and thread to sew a busted zipper or bustle), tissues, pain reliever, tampons, lip gloss and mini deodorant. Read my blog on what to pack the night before your wedding here.

8. Make sure someone knows how to fix your bustle before the reception.
a. Don’t want to be stressing over that before your first dance!

9. Have a rain plan!
a. If the 5 day weather forecast calls for rain, buy some cute umbrellas in your wedding colors or clear ones for you and your bridal party, and maybe some cute rain boots! Leave the tags on, and if it doesn’t rain you can return them! Embrace whatever happens on your wedding day because you can’t change it.

10. Let it go.
a. Little things happen, and not everything goes 100% perfect all the time. Remember that no matter what, the only TRULY important thing that happens is that you say I Do and marry your sweetheart at the end of the day, everything else going right is icing on the cake, so don’t let the little things bother you!

11. Savor.
a. This is worth saying twice. Your wedding day will go by fast. So remember to savor the moments as their happening, be present, have conversations, dance like no one is watching, and have the time of your life with your friends and family.

If you want to chat more about weddings and wedding planning feel free to reach out. We can video chat or meet for coffee.

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