OOOO! You have an engagement session soon? I know that the biggest stress for my couples is usually “WHAT THE HECK DO I WEAR?” so I wanted to give a few tips from experience of how to pick the perfect engagement outfit.

So here’s 10 tips:

1 . Think about your feet!
You are going to be walking around for an hour or two, so if you typically last 5 minutes with heels on, please don’t torture your poor feet for that long. Make sure your shoes are something you’re comfortable in. There’s definitely a whole lot of cute non heel shoes out there!

2. Consider the location.
Be aware of your surroundings and try not to clash ( or match ). If your engagement session is in a forest , you probably don’t want to wear green.

3. Complement each other…
Don’t match. Gone are the days where the whole family goes to the beach wearing white for their awkward family portraits. That also means matching each other for the engagement session is a big no. Complementing each other is the best way to go. Better yet if someone wears an accent color on a small part of their body and the other is wearing that color. Win! Wearing the same shade is a great place to start.

4. Show your true colors and don’t be afraid to be bold.
Colors render great on camera and white should be reserved for your wedding day! I’m all for off white though is one of you is wearing a lot of color, consider a neutral for your significant other.

5. Dress the same scale.
If your fiancé is wearing a suit and your wearing jeans and a tank, you’re not going to look like you go together. Dress the same level.

6. Switch it up!
If you want to go casual, why not bring a formal option too? I’m not a super formal person but I think it’s fun to dress up once in a while!

7. Dress for the weather and have a backup plan.
If it’s a spring engagement session but it’s going to be 40 degrees then have a backup for your spring dress!

8. Don’t be afraid of patterns
We don’t want to go crazy with patterns, but I really love shoots where one wears a pattern and the other wears a solid. Better yet if the solid color coordinates with a color in the pattern.

9. Dress it up with layers and jewelry!
Scarves, sweaters, jewelry, hats. They all can really liven up pictures and if you’re afraid of going too bold with colors maybe just add it in as an accent  with a scarf – something you can take on and off. This also helps with the weather situation and if you have any insecurities they can cover them up.

10. Be yourself.
The worst thing would be looking at your pictures and looking unrecognizable because you dressed up too much ( if you are not one to dress up often). Also, be sure t wear clothing that flatters your body type. At this point in your life you probably know what those are 🙂

And at the end of the day just remember that the whole point of this is to have fun and get comfortable in from of the camera. I hope these tips will help prepare you for your engagement session!

If you want to chat more about weddings and wedding planning or if you want to do an engagement session feel free to reach out or if you want to do an engagement session. We can video chat or meet for coffee.

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