All my friends heard me say once or twice that I don’t photograph weddings… Okay! I will be 100% honest.

I’ve said many times : I Hate Weddings :))

Guess what I am now?!? A wedding photographer, booking weddings for 2019 if anyone is interested.

I always loved newborn photography but in my early days as a business I tried it all. Unfortunately when I wanted to see if I will like weddings I second shot for a not so nice wedding photographer. So I naturally thought that weddings are awful, stressful, long days where I get to be miserable and extremely tired.

Well it’s not like that at all. Wedding days are wonderful. Two people who are in love become husband and wife. They start a new family. It’s amazing and I am blessed to be there.

My friend Jen Sacia Photography, who is an amazing wedding photographer needed a second shooter last minute so of course I agreed to do it. And guess what? I did not hate that day. I actually enjoyed that wedding. So I second shot for her again and again 🙂

I then agreed to do a couple weddings on my own and that was fun too.

Weddings are not so bad! 🙂

Last year Jen introduced me to C-tyson photography and I told him from the beginning I will not be a wedding photographer.  He is probably laughing really hard at me now :))

I then met his girlfriend Elizabeth, ellAdele Photography and I got to work with her too.

This is what I learned from working with three talented wedding photographers.

Weddings are amazing. But here is the catch. You should really know your photographer, make sure you are a good fit.

At every wedding I second shot for them they we’re welcomed like family. The bride was happy to see them, hug them and talked about life. They are not just a photographer that day they are a friend with a camera.

I learned to serve every couple. I had this idea that I should only take pictures because that is my job and I can’t cross the friendship line at the wedding, that I had to be a professional. Well if you do your best to help couples have the most amazing day you are a professional. That sometimes means feeding and changing babies, braiding the flower girls hair, helping the bride use the bathroom :)), putting shoes and boutonnieres on etc. And at the end of the night after sometimes 12-14 hours I feel AMAZING because I got to see two people start their life together and in a very small way I helped make their day better  🙂

Of course I learned how to get through the family photos as painless as possible, and how to react when the groomsmen drop their pants at a park :))… how to enjoy the reception and all the special moments.

Now I do have to be 110% honest again … The cake or cupcakes ALWAYS make my day. I leave my house in the early morning thinking of that wedding cake and it definitely makes the day go faster :))

I am looking forward to a busy wedding season in 2019.

Happy Holidays!

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