This summer my family and I went back home, to Romania. I was gone for 5 weeks visiting family, on the road with a toddler… I am not gonna lie, it was amazing… but also exhausting. When ellAdele Photography reached out and asked if I can second shoot for her the week after I came back I couldn’t say YES fast enough.

There is something about a wedding day that makes me feel relaxed and helps me disconnect. I get to focus only on the couple and that for me is amazing.

Amber was the sweetest bride. The entire day was relaxed and simple but beautiful. The colors she chose were amazing and I was in awe with the floral.

I also had an immediate connection with Cesar. We were both born in Europe, grew up in a very different life style and moved here after high school. It was interesting to share stories of the beginning of our new life in the States and what we miss most about Europe.  He is an amazing man and anyone can tell how much he loves Amber.

The Pavilion is a gorgeous venue. I was lucky to be there often the past year with Ctyson Photography, ellAdele Photography and Jen Sacia Photography.  The entire propriety is amazing and somehow even after many weddings that I photographed there it looks different every time. That is because every wedding and bride are unique.




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